Top 10 Foods Rich in Vitamin B12

B12 Rich Foods

Vitamin B12, like most vitamins, is something we ingest everyday from the foods we eat. It’s important because it helps maintain the nervous system, blood cells, and metabolism. Typically, adult men and women need to consume 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 each day. Women who are pregnant or nursing likely will need more B 12 than others, approximately 2.6 to 2.8 micrograms.

Some of the foods that are richest in B12 include animal organs (like livers), fish, shellfish, and diary. However, there are many foods that contain B 12, though it naturally occurs almost exclusively in animal products. Some foods—like those made with soy—are sometimes fortified with B 12. Overall, if you’re looking to increase the amount of B12-rich foods you eat, then you have a variety of options.

Benefits of Vitamin B12
Your body needs vitamin B12 to function efficiently. Some people actually suffer from a vitamin B12 deficiency; in fact, one study estimates that nearly 40% of the population is vitamin B12 deficient. There can be an array of consequences for such a deficiency, including lack of energy, poor memory, mood swings, or digestive issues. Typically, we are more likely to be vitamin B12 deficient as we age; this can occur because, as we age, our bodies are less likely to absorb B 12. However, since most sources of B12 are meat products, vegetarians are also at risk. These two groups of people may need to be more aware of their consumption of foods rich in vitamin B 12.

Other people find vitamin B12 to be helpful in boosting energy levels. B12 actually helps the body to process carbohydrates, allowing your body to produce energy more quickly. This can lead to sustained energy throughout the day, and this is ultimately a more effective source of energy than drinking multiple cups of coffee or drinking an energy drink.

Additionally, vitamin B12 can help with weight loss, something with which many people struggle. B12 can be helpful in addressing this particular issue because it aids the body in turning carbohydrates into energy more effectively and efficiently. It can give a much-needed boost to your metabolism, a vital component of the weight loss process.

Top Foods High in Vitamin B12

1. Clams
Grams per serving: 100
Calories: 148
Vitamin B12: 98 mcg

2. Beef Liver
Grams per serving: 75
Calories: 131
Vitamin B 12: 62 mcg

3. Mackerel
Grams per serving: 198
Calories: 208
Vitamin B12: 30.9 mcg

4. Oysters
Grams per serving: 85
Calories: 61
Vitamin B 12: 23.6 mcg

5. Alaskan King Crab
Grams per serving: 134
Calories: 130
Vitamin B12: 15.4 mcg

6. High Fiber Cereals (Like Kellogg’s All-Bran)
Grams per serving: 26
Calories: 50
Vitamin B 12: 6.2 mcg

7. Swiss Cheese
Grams per serving 100
Calories: 380
Vitamin B12: 3 mcg

8. Ground Beef
Grams per serving: 85
Calories: 139
Vitamin B12: 2.6 mcg

9. Tofu
Grams per serving: 79
Calories: 43
Vitamin B12: 1.9 mcg

10. Cottage Cheese
Milliliters per serving: 250
Calories: 222
Vitamin B12: 1.5 mcg
If you think you might need some additional B 12 in your diet, consider increasing your intake of vitamin B12-rich foods. Seafood tends to offer the most concentrated amount of B12, but there are plenty of options out there. Just remember: you are more likely to find B12 in foods that come from animals, as opposed to vegetables or fruits. You might find that increasing your intake of such foods gives your more energy or even helps with weight loss, both of which are perks that are hard to ignore.


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